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No Second Prize: A Tribute to Those Who Assist


I don’t care who you are or how influential you’ve been, your greatness has always been a team effort.

Whether acting as a sounding board and moral compass, offering words of encouragement, or comforting us when we stumble, the ones who support us are always with us in our hearts, cheering us on. Their presence enables us to tackle goals we otherwise wouldn’t (or couldn’t), yet sadly, what should be celebrated as a team effort is often solely credited to the individual who ‘kicked the goal’. It’s a travesty of the human spirit and something I simply can’t abide.

This is my love letter to you, the ones who choose to come second, whose generosity of heart and selfless character enables spirits like me (the ‘goalkickers’) to do our job. Without your love and support, we are mere shadows of who we might be. Read More…