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We are All Spiritual, All of the Time


Okay, so that last post was a little depressing. I really don’t like writing that sort of thing anymore, but it’s necessary and it forms a core tenet of this website; that to find truth you have to explore the fiction.  The only way out is through. On to brighter things …

One of the things I’m passionate about is being a trailblazer. That’s as much about exploring new terrain, as it is about clearing a path behind me so others don’t have to.

There is a central conceit in modern spirituality that irks me and serves no real purpose. It’s this idea that if you don’t practice yoga, or you don’t meditate twice a day or adopt vegetarianism or any of a dozen other, personal rituals, you’re somehow not spiritual. Read More…


A Brief History of Spirituality



Once, long ago, ‘spirituality’ or knowledge of life was common place. Humans lived in peace with their environment and each other. This doesn’t mean that society was anymore of a utopia than it is now, it just means that they had different priorities in life. Where modern society is almost wholly concerned with materialism, they were concerned with immaterialism. The truth is that you need both. Balance in all things.

At some point there was a split and human kind turned away from God, or Spirit, or Source, Tao, whatever you want to call it (note that God is all sexes and none, so an asexual pronoun is the best way to refer to it). What happened is debatable, but it seems that we felt ourselves above God and broke away from it.

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