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Living Without Direction


At times in life we are all asked to live without a sense of purpose. This is especially common for those living on the fringes of society or those who are quite advanced on the Path.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, society has always shaped us and given us purpose. We are programmed from a young age with clear expectations, landmarks and milestones to navigate life; have a lucrative career, buy a house, find a husband/wife, raise a family, become successful (whatever that is) and so on. These expectations (or goals) serve to protect us, motivate us and give us direction, and allow us to compare ourselves against others to determine our worth.

So what happens when you can no longer rely on them?

This article is for those who feel aimless in life, but in particular, for those old spirits who have reached the point where they no longer need or care for other people’s expectations. Read More…

The Longest Fight


Every day we fight.

It’s a constant battle to remember who we are in a world determined to make us forget (and a society eager to label us outcasts for defying it’s social norms). We find ourselves assailed on all sides by those wanting to bring us ‘back into the fold’, mostly to avoid facing their own fears, and torn between our compulsion to remain true to ourselves, yet still being a productive member of society. This battle is made all the harder by the fact that we all value different things and the the quest for meaning and truth (placeholder link to What is Enlightenment?) is often rejected by people in favour of material pursuits and wilful ignorance.  Read More…

The Game of Life


Life is a Game. That’s all it is.

In any Game, there are rules. The rules dictate how you play the Game. Without them there is no Game and the whole structure breaks down.

Life too has rules. One of these rules is that you are unaware that you are playing. Think of a character in a novel (or TV show/movie). That character knows its world, it knows who it can and can’t relate to, who the good guys are, who the bad guys are and how to win.

The one thing the character doesn’t know, is that it’s a character. Read More…

12 Reasons to Not Awaken

DontAwakenTooEarlyThere are so many articles online about why you should awaken, but so few that examine why you shouldn’t. This forms part of the “welcome the good, ignore the bad” narrative formed by the hijacking of the spiritual/New Age by the positivist pop-psychology movement and leads to awakening having some kind of mythical superhuman status.

Well, I’m here to give this narrative a dose of reality. I want to make it very clear to people that awakening is not something you do because you want to be superhuman/not feel pain anymore (if anything being conscious hurts more, at least for a while), or discover latent psychic ability. It’s not an escape.

It’s a last resort. Read More…

Ascension is a Myth


Rewind history ten years or so (to the early 2000’s) and the word “ascension” started becoming popular in the New Age community. We’re all going to ascend, they said. The date? December 21, 2012. Only it didn’t start as that because apparently that isn’t the true date the Mayan calendar, from which Ascension’s date was chosen, was based. That was sometime in late 2011.

Which also didn’t happen.

That aside, this event was supposed to happen on that date. As history will attest, it clearly didn’t. I don’t know about you, but I certainly didn’t notice groups of people suddenly vanish from society and ascend into the heavens.

Read More…

Points of Consciousness – updated

Points of Consciousness

Another concept that I am opposed to in the spiritual/new age arenas is the notion of “levels of development” (e.g being an “old soul” is better than being a “young soul”). It’s very unhealthy, ingrained in our society and getting rid of it will allow you to be happier and more productive in ways that are important to you. So I wrote a simple alternative that I’ll share with you in a moment.

Some people will get this right away while others may struggle. That’s normal. Don’t get frustrated and give up. Perservere. That’s a good lesson to learn for any awakening person.

Read More…

God has Multiple Personality Disorder


Imagine you are a vast, eternal consciousness. For you there are no beginnings or endings, no start point or destination, there is only the  journey, a continuous, glorious process of self-evolution and change within the moment. As part of that evolution, you desire to understand what you are. So you set about dissociating tiny fragments or “personalities” from yourself, imbuing them with your essence and letting them think and feel for a time that they are in anyway different from you.

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