The Game of Life


Life is a Game. That’s all it is.

In any Game, there are rules. The rules dictate how you play the Game. Without them there is no Game and the whole structure breaks down.

Life too has rules. One of these rules is that you are unaware that you are playing. Think of a character in a novel (or TV show/movie). That character knows its world, it knows who it can and can’t relate to, who the good guys are, who the bad guys are and how to win.

The one thing the character doesn’t know, is that it’s a character.

Before you become conscious, you believe that you are that character and it’s only after that you realise you are both character and author. Like the character, you believe in certain rules that don’t actually apply. For example, you believe that your body and mind are the whole of who you are and you believe you can “die”. Once you realise that you are a character, these things don’t apply unless the author (the greater you) wish them to.

How to Win

The objective of any Game is to win. Winning the Game of Life requires two objectives to be completed:

  1. Recognise that you are playing a Game. This is a fluctuating state of self spirituality refers to as “awakening”.

  2. Achieve the highest possible synchronization with the Game, in other words, become so comfortable with the Game that you are always conscious of it. This isn’t actually a distinct objective, merely an extension of the first (I.e the aim is now to be conscious 100% of the time with no fluctuation) – (placeholder link to What is Enlightenment).

The first objective is essentially a conscious, informed decision. The reason is that pre-conscious, your decisions are mired in who you think you are/your social reflection (i.e. ego) because you don’t know who you are in yourself. Once you choose to awaken, that choice becomes the foundation of everything you experience from that point on, but in retrospect, also illuminates the choices you made that led you to making that decision in the first place. Neat!

The second objective is achieved by living your purpose. To use Game of Life parlance, you must first identify your own rules and then express sufficient mastery over them to live your purpose and enable a pleasant, abundant existence. You can no longer afford to live by the rules of society, or governments, or anything else, because you know they are no longer true.

Once you become totally comfortable with the Game (I.e you are synchronized 100%), you no longer need to play. At this point you are able to see the Game so easily that you realise that you are the Game. You are the rules and you are the character playing it. There is no distinction between you and the Game.

Rules of the Game

The Game is played with one person. You. You are ultimately the judge, jury and executioner of your own Path. No one else can judge you or your performance and no one else determines how quickly or slowly you progress. It’s also not possible to regress except temporarily because the further you stray from you, the greater the compulsion to return (you are simply learning about who you are, by learning about who you are not).

The Game is played with physical vessels called ‘bodies’ and special conditions apply depending on which one you choose. You are born time and time again in different bodies through a process called reincarnation. Sometimes you will be female, other times male, you may be a rock, or a bush or an ant, or a more complicated lifeform such as a bird. In this iteration of the Game, you are human so part of the Game is learning what it means to be human and expressing your divine purpose through the lens of your humanity.

After choosing your vessel, your spirit is inserted into it and something about the process wipes your memory. As you progress through the Game according to the vessel you chose (i.e. being an alien would have different rules to being human), you slowly remember bits and pieces about yourself. As you piece things together a clearer picture of who you are emerges. This becomes a compound process, strung out over a series of experiences in different vessels until you make that single, conscious decision to wake up. This generally happens at the point of experential saturation; you’ve experienced so much of the illusion that the only possible future Path is towards your truth.

From that point onwards, the Game changes. The Game is no longer about becoming conscious, but remaining conscious, expressing your divine purpose through the limitations of being human (or whatever vessel you have chosen). When you’re able to do that all of the time so that there is no fluctation and you always feel like you are at home, you’ve won.


At that point, you can, if you wish, reunite with all the other spirits you’ve met along the way who’ve gone before you. They’ll probably throw you a party or something.

I know I would!

Love ❤



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  1. janonlife says :

    Great to find someone thinking the way I do. I wrote a ‘player’s guide’ to life a year or so back. Details are on my blog (in the About’ section and elsewhere) – Jan 🙂

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