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The Game of Life


Life is a Game. That’s all it is.

In any Game, there are rules. The rules dictate how you play the Game. Without them there is no Game and the whole structure breaks down.

Life too has rules. One of these rules is that you are unaware that you are playing. Think of a character in a novel (or TV show/movie). That character knows its world, it knows who it can and can’t relate to, who the good guys are, who the bad guys are and how to win.

The one thing the character doesn’t know, is that it’s a character. Read More…


12 Reasons to Not Awaken

DontAwakenTooEarlyThere are so many articles online about why you should awaken, but so few that examine why you shouldn’t. This forms part of the “welcome the good, ignore the bad” narrative formed by the hijacking of the spiritual/New Age by the positivist pop-psychology movement and leads to awakening having some kind of mythical superhuman status.

Well, I’m here to give this narrative a dose of reality. I want to make it very clear to people that awakening is not something you do because you want to be superhuman/not feel pain anymore (if anything being conscious hurts more, at least for a while), or discover latent psychic ability. It’s not an escape.

It’s a last resort. Read More…

The Media and Being Human


One of the common false narratives running through the media is that of inhumanity is power. Human traits like empathy and compassion are eschewed for a “I don’t care what you think or say”, winner takes all, dog eat dog kind of corporate mentality. I could sit here and write about how this is part of a wider transhumanist push by some people (placeholder link to The Powers that Don’t Be) to encourage us to be like them (i.e. sociopathic), but that’s not what this article is about. It’s about the underlying media narrative that being human limits us. Read More…