Ascension is a Myth


Rewind history ten years or so (to the early 2000’s) and the word “ascension” started becoming popular in the New Age community. We’re all going to ascend, they said. The date? December 21, 2012. Only it didn’t start as that because apparently that isn’t the true date the Mayan calendar, from which Ascension’s date was chosen, was based. That was sometime in late 2011.

Which also didn’t happen.

That aside, this event was supposed to happen on that date. As history will attest, it clearly didn’t. I don’t know about you, but I certainly didn’t notice groups of people suddenly vanish from society and ascend into the heavens.

So what exactly happened? As near as I can tell, absolutely nothing. It may be true that we reached the next stage in one of Gaia’s numerous internal rhythms or that we’ve peaked as far as a lack of solar saturation of our planet and are now moving into a sort of energy surplus.

But that doesn’t concern me.

What does, is the human made notion of ascension. For the rest of the article, I’m going to ignore direct parallels between enlightenment and ascension. If that’s all your definition of ascension is, an analogy for awakening, okay. That’s not what I’m addressing.

What I’m talking about is the delusional notion that on a certain date, at any point in time, large groups of people will automatically become enlightened with little to no effort.

Looking at the core of awakening or any of it’s analogues (e.g. some born again christians), it’s easy to see that it’s all precipitated by a single, universal element. Choice. For the vast majority this will be a conscious choice, I’ve had enough of the lies, show me the truth. For a very small minority, it might take place during a period of subconscious activity, such as sleep, but it is still a choice and it is still precipitated by some desire to know the truth of what you are. In other words, whether it takes place while you’re awake or asleep, it’s a conscious choice. This is the essence of enlightenment (placeholder link to What is Enlightenment?).

That’s not what ascension is. Ascension, as written by the New Age, is where some invisible timer counts down (or planetary energy is high enough) and because you happen to be beyond some arbitrary point of consciousness, you automatically ascend.

Not only is this idea incredibly foolish and, to my mind, blatantly egocentric, but it also makes no sense whatsoever. See, I had to earn mine as I’m sure some of you have. Did any of you just automatically get what amounts to Monopoly’s get out of jail free card? Didn’t think so. Like me, I’ll bet you have suffered. Greatly. I feel your pain.

So, let’s look at the message this idea sends. You don’t need to work on yourself, or serve life in any sort of thinking or feeling (i.e. humanlike) capacity, you can pretty much just sit there and when the time’s right, a magic button gets pushed and you “ascend”. I can’t speak for myself, but I know at least a couple of people who would qualify for the sudden freeway offramp of “Ascension” but did any of them leave? No.

Life isn’t about suffering, something a conscious person understands.

It’s about experience.

Only someone who frames life in the context of being something painful that must be escaped would use a term like “Ascension”. This speaks to the heart of the sort of people who write  about it. I don’t like to say it, but some of these people are unhealthy, not because they believe in some truth that I don’t agree with, but because every aspect of this concept rings false. The notion of arbitrary, human made conditions to trigger it, the use of language like “Ascension” instead of enlightenment (ascension implies supremacy/dominance, therefore ego – see Points of Cosnciousness link above) and the kind of mindset that implies that life is suffering (I.e the Bhuddist concept of Samsara) all suggest to me a false narrative, i.e a human concept written for a human agenda.

Even worse, does this strike anyone else as the sort of nonsense mistruth that anyone interested in subverting the pure notion of enlightenment might be interested in? How about an author like Delores Cannon looking to make a quick buck selling books to so called indigo children (placeholder link to Indigo Children)?

Am I the only one who sees how blatantly false this entire concept is?

To imply that I, or any of you, somehow reached a magical threshold because the planetary energy is higher than it’s ever been or because some intergalactic timer reached zero or (insert other deliberately false and/or confusing spiritual sounding jargon here) is a massive cop out and an insult to the enormous amount of hard work, energy and determination, to say nothing of the prescience of that single, life-defining choice, that it takes for people like you and I to awaken.

And these people just want to say, nope, it’s as simple as someone pushing a button somewhere and presto. Acme enlightenment, just add water? Please.

Now, if someone wants to write to me and tell me about how their personal ascension affected them personally? That I might believe, but this man made notion of a mass awakening taking place, in 2012 or at any other time that presupposes the very conscious, deliberate choice each person must make for themselves and one which has massive and far reaching implications for them and everyone they meet in their life?

That is the height of human ignorance and arrogance and something I just simply can’t abide.



Please link anyone you know who is confused about ascension, or uses it as a scapegoat to avoid the real world and the real work within to this page. My thanks.

Edit: Why is my text a different size in some parts? It was copied straight from open office?


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