Points of Consciousness – updated

Points of Consciousness

Another concept that I am opposed to in the spiritual/new age arenas is the notion of “levels of development” (e.g being an “old soul” is better than being a “young soul”). It’s very unhealthy, ingrained in our society and getting rid of it will allow you to be happier and more productive in ways that are important to you. So I wrote a simple alternative that I’ll share with you in a moment.

Some people will get this right away while others may struggle. That’s normal. Don’t get frustrated and give up. Perservere. That’s a good lesson to learn for any awakening person.

This tool replaces concepts such as level, progression, “higher is better” etc with the understanding that we are all unique lifeforms with our own unique paths (placeholder link for We are All Masters).

Ready? Here we go.

Tools of the Trade

There are various models (google Levels of Consciousness, especially with the images criteria) for explaining how developed someone (or something) is. Two of the more common ones referenced by seekers are Lazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Michael Teachings. They say things like “I’m a level 3 old soul sage…”

People that use systems like these break things down in terms of levels. We exist at different “levels” and it’s better to be a higher level (MT makes an effort to suggest that no one level is better than another, but just by using terms like “level” they do exactly that). The problem with these systems is that they imply verticality (Lazlow’s actually uses it), which is an ego-driven concept prominent in human society for one major reason:

The higher you are (physically), the closer you are to god, hence omnipotence/heaven.

Stairway to Heaven

We want to be close to god. By being taller than others, biologically, with aids (throne/skyscraper) or conceptually with levels or structures such as Jacob’s Ladder (used by various secret societies), Lazlow’s hierarchy or the Michael Teachings model, you can be. You then look down on those below. Your gaze becomes like the gaze of god, omnipotent and unable to be challenged. You can’t be wrong, except in a post-awakened state where you realise that no one is actually right (or wrong).

If you ever wanted to know the dirty secret why the king sat on a throne higher than the common man, or why skyscrapers dominate the sky rather than sprawling horizontally along the ground (you could argue that verticality saves space, but they are status symbols) and why tall people are seen culturally as more important or influential, now you know. This is a demonstration of how powerful language is, which I’ll look at in a later article (placeholder link for The Power of Language). For now though, consider that we don’t talk about being “long minded” on “flatter ground” or “getting off the level horse” because equality and dominance are mutually exclusive ideas.

(Don’t) Raise Your Vibration

Importantly, this means you can safely chuck out a lot of stuff about awakening. This idea of “raising your vibration” seen on so many websites and in so many youtube videos? False. You don’t raise your vibration, you lighten it, hence en-lighten-ment (placeholder link to What is Enlightenment?) and the process for that is unique to each of us; what works for me may not work for you and vice versa so there is no universal path. Be wary of this sort of “vibration talk”, especially as a shortcut to awakening (placeholder link to Angels, Vibration Videos and the Fallacy of the New Age).

The other issue with levels is that, like the skyscraper or king, it implies dominance. It gives ammunition to those seekers who aren’t quite free of ego yet to assert their dominance and therefore fall back within the comfortable realm of ego, e.g. “I’m awake and you’re still asleep” which arises because of the painful lives that many to-be awakened people receive at the hands of those who don’t know any better when they’re growing up (e.g. bullies at school). This is unhealthy because at the point they are at they are awake too, they just aren’t awake by our definition. So the problem doesn’t lie with them, it lies with our definition of them because as conscious spirits, we are expected to know better.

These criticisms are why Michael Teachings, Lazlow’s and various other systems have never rung true for me.

So how did I reconcile these structural and ideological problems? I wrote my own system.

Points of Consciousness

I sort out most of these problems by using points. Unlike levels, points imply neither dominance, nor any degree of development at all, except by relative value. In short, no point is worth more than any other, except for the subjective value each holds based on what you are measuring. In other words, for certain tasks, you want people who are a certain point of consciousness where they are hooked into the physical nature of life, where they are skilled at navigating the complexity of human interaction. Other times, you want someone like me, someone whose Point of Consciousness enables them to take a long view of life and see reality as one big game.

This is exactly how life operates. Unlike human society (authority figure(s) at the top, workers at the bottom) there is no “ladder of progression” in life, it’s a horizontal structure. Foodchain notwithstanding, each animal is valuable to Earth because collectively they ensure ecological balance. Our society, conversely, is a very ego-based structure because we don’t value the individual except as he or she relates to society and our society demands that we continually improve our material wealth in order to validate our self-worth towards our community, family and friends.

What changes then, is our reference point. Different points are attuned to different things. Imagine a horizontal ruler. Those closer to one end are more in touch with the raw, primal nature of the universe. They are in the Michael Teachings and Lazlow’s parlance (which are still useful systems, make no mistake), learning lessons about survival and instincts, very basic (but no less valid) lessons than you and I. At the other end, people like us are learning about cosmic things, connection to self and other, following our heart’s desire, self actualization and other things that would probably give most people a heart attack. ~gentle laugh~

Ours are different lessons, but no more or less important than basic ones, because to a basic lifeform, basic lessons are the most important, while for people like us, more complex lessons are rewarding (even if they lead to simple understandings like complexity isn’t a good thing — Oh life, you never stop being a paradox, do you?). This is coincidentally why Everyone is Always Spiritual.

Living with Points

We all look at life through the filter of our own point. See Points inform our choice of language, our means of self expression and basically all communication with anyone and anything. At certain Points, different options open up or close down (or at least, become more/less obvious).  When you  recognise that the very language and syntax of how you interact with the world changes from Point to Point, you can see how other points of view might differ from your own.

As you realise these things, you can accept them and let them go. This makes it easy to stop doing things to please other people, because you want to be seen as successful by your wife/family/friends on their terms. Remember, they are looking at you through the filter of their Point, so just because they want you to be rich and successful (because that’s what their spirit thinks is important at that time), you can choose not to be rich by their definition, but rather your own. All goal setting undergoes a revolution of thinking once you realise this. Your goals become more personal, things that other people (including me) may not understand.

And they don’t need to!

My advice? Do whatever makes your heart sing and forget about the rest!

Now that wasn’t so painful, was it?

Love you all, my brothers and sisters and in-betweens!



N.B. I do sometimes refer to myself or others as old souls or conscious people. It’s simply easier, neatly encapsulating the difference implied by awakening. The key is to realise that this term implies difference, not dominance (old suggests eccentricity rather than power, although to someone who still lives in the ego-vertical structure, they will probably see it as an attempt to exert dominance and get upset, “Yeah? Well I’m older, so screw you!” so be careful).


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