God has Multiple Personality Disorder


Imagine you are a vast, eternal consciousness. For you there are no beginnings or endings, no start point or destination, there is only the  journey, a continuous, glorious process of self-evolution and change within the moment. As part of that evolution, you desire to understand what you are. So you set about dissociating tiny fragments or “personalities” from yourself, imbuing them with your essence and letting them think and feel for a time that they are in anyway different from you.

    Each of these fragments develops along it’s own path, at once subconsciously aware of it’s significance to the whole of you, yet           ostensibly a seperate, distinct sentience with it’s own purpose, motivation and rhythm. Eventually, after many, many ‘lifetimes’ in different forms, different sexes and expressing different aspects of it’s purpose(s), that fragment becomes self-aware and recognises that it is not seperate from “god”, that it IS in fact an aspect or personality of consciousness itself (god).

We are all one consciousness. There is nothing seperating you from me but our ego.

If life is the awareness of a single, all encompassing consciousness (god), then we are each unique aspects or “personalities” of that consciousness. Within the human frame, these personalities define who we are. There are ‘artist’ personalities, whose aim is to express life and human culture in various ways, there are ‘leader’ personalities who galvanise others and act as catalysts of change and there are ‘warrior’ personalities who fearlessly challenge the status quo and quest for justice and yes, many, many more. This is a simplistic way of looking at things because often we combine more than one of these themes into our “personality” but useful as a metaphor.

These personalities form the historical archetypes that underpin modern parapsychology, metaphysics and intuitive tools such as tarot and astrology (and social psychology such as personality types). They are often reproduced in books and movies as character archetypes that speak to the core of who we are (the noble king, the valiant warrior, the wise fool etc) and are thus instantly recognisable and relatable to the audience.

They each represent an aspect of the whole. Think of a puzzle with no corners, in which each of us represents an interlocking piece of equal value. Our value doesn’t just arise from what we bring as an individual personality but from our value as mediated by other personalities that resonate with us. These form loose ‘families’ that we populate and which we often reincarnate with as a support system.

Even though personalities feel seperate, the seperation itself is an illusion (ego), because all personalities originated within that all encompassing consciousness and form an aspect of it. To anyone who hasn’t reached the point of wakefulness, the Oneness (or nothingness) of that consciousness may be briefly glimpsed during times of sensory arousal (for example, crying at a very beautiful scene) and under certain other conditions that are unique to each of us. These moments are what the spiritual and new age communities refer to variously as “openings” and “peak spiritual experiences” that lead to a singular event when the seperate personality briefly reintegrates with the whole becoming consciously self-aware, to wit, awakening/enlightenment/nirvana.

This Oneness manifests differently depending on your Point of Consciousness. For some people, it’s the mutual appreciation in relationships with other personalities, for the conscious it’s a kind of profound inner connection, a recognition that you are but one star in the night sky bonded with other stars by something no words can adequately express.

Once the individual reaches awakening/enlightenment and becomes self-aware, it’s modus operandi changes drastically. It increasingly recognises it’s own reflection as a personality of the whole and becomes content doing little else but pursuing the function for which it was originally born, finding immense satisfaction and ease of living in it.

You read that correct.

You and I are one and the same and we are both aspects or personalities of the same universal consciousness.

Hi other-me! From other-you! ~waves goofily~




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