We are All Spiritual, All of the Time


Okay, so that last post was a little depressing. I really don’t like writing that sort of thing anymore, but it’s necessary and it forms a core tenet of this website; that to find truth you have to explore the fiction.  The only way out is through. On to brighter things …

One of the things I’m passionate about is being a trailblazer. That’s as much about exploring new terrain, as it is about clearing a path behind me so others don’t have to.

There is a central conceit in modern spirituality that irks me and serves no real purpose. It’s this idea that if you don’t practice yoga, or you don’t meditate twice a day or adopt vegetarianism or any of a dozen other, personal rituals, you’re somehow not spiritual. What this is essentially saying is, if you don’t practice spirituality the way I think you should, you’re not a spiritual person. Which is rubbish because spirituality is a very personal thing and you are absolutely a spiritual being in everything you do.

We all have different definitions of spirituality and that’s a great thing, but how we express it varies depending on how developed our spirit is. For a corporate minded executive, for whom power and control are staples of life, exercising that power is a spiritual act and makes him as spiritual as any yoga master. Likewise, a ‘working class’ woman who struggles to raise a family of five children is as spiritual as any master meditator, because she is doing what she’s meant to be doing, exploring who she is and what that means to her.

How can I be so sure?

We all do what we believe is right for us – it’s very rare to come across someone who actively seeks to sabotage their own happiness and self fulfillment – but we are also looking at and interacting with life in many different ways. To the man for whom power and control is as natural as breathing, practicing that ability, even over others, is expressing himself in a spiritual context and for the woman, her day to day struggles as she raises her kids is an expression of her spiritual identity. Expressing who you are is never a crime, as long as you don’t intentionally harm others.

The flipside to all this is personal responsibility. It doesn’t give you carte blanche to go and hurt people and say “Oh, I’m supposed to be learning about hurting people now”. What I’m saying is, don’t assume someone else is not spiritual simply because they are at a different point in their development than you and therefore, their spirituality expresses itself in different ways. For some people, money and power are absolutely spiritual (although they probably wouldn’t call it that, they would just know that it deeply satisfies). For others, having deep, intimate relationships is spiritual or even exploring and reveling in the destruction of the self, such as with metal culture. There are as many different expressions of spirituality as there are people (in fact, just living is an expression of spirituality, because you are saying to the universe, “Hey, I want to exist!”).

Case in point:

I have a brother, he’s a bit of a bigot, a serial womaniser and he loves money. I still love him. I can accept that that’s where he’s up to. He’s learning lessons about money and finding fulfillment in material goods (which in his mind probably includes women). These things don’t resonate for me. He and I are on two completely different planes of existence, but I don’t care, because I know that he’s learning what he needs to learn, the same as I am and so I’m happy for him.

And like everyone who is expressing themselves at their particular  level of development, my brother is spiritual.




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2 responses to “We are All Spiritual, All of the Time”

  1. Alex says :

    This was very refreshing to read. I do think that the line gets crossed once we realize we are spiritual, at which point we start to look at the conditioned world slightly differently.

    Initially after my awakening I felt like that is all I need to focus on, but then I realized I actually love other things to, like technology and computers. I can’t imagine put those things away as I am so experienced with them.

    However, I believe in spiritual practices as a way of growing and healing oneself of any negativity.

  2. Spirit of Aleph says :

    Absolutely! It introduces meaning into our lives we couldn’t even comprehend before because it lay outside the boundaries of what we knew.

    I think you should keep doing what you love. It’s a part of you. Find a way to express it! Post ‘awakening’ we learn so much about ourselves that we were never aware of, like your love of technology.

    Thanks for that last line, Alex. I feel much the same way, like I’m a snake and I’ve been shedding layers of skin that no longer serve a useful purpose.

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