Why Memories from home?

I’ll approach this from two angles, firstly talking about why I named it that, because that’s important to understanding what I’m trying to achieve and also explain what happened to you. Secondly, I’ll talk about how this site will differ from the numerous sites that already exist.

Why Call it That?

It’s important to remember your roots. The essence of who  you are and where you come from. When you understand what has happened in the world, how people have been disconnected from their sense of self and encouraged (influenced) to think that this life is all there is, that what we are is nothing more than a collection of DNA, blood, organs and a brain, it suddenly becomes very important (and desirable) to figure out where we come from.

I like to call it Home.

If Earthly life is full of conflict and a lack of awareness, characterised by finite resources and a constant state of battle to acquire the things we want and need, then Home is not.

Home simply is.

Home can’t really be explained in much the same way that science can’t explain certain natural phenomena (and so chooses to believe that they don’t exist). Words have a certain power, you see, the power to define something, yes, but what it really is, is the power to limit for the sake of understanding.

This website is not only my loving tribute to the essence of Home, here symbolised by the airy clouds streaking past you as you read this post, but my attempt to help you find your way back there. Once you start to remember who and what you are, you’ll be able to understand not only what happened to humanity, but also where you come from.

Why This Site in Particular?

There are hundreds of sites out there that discuss the same sort of thing, approaching it from many different, often conflicting perspectives. Many of these sites however, inexplicably, have a black background and neon coloured writing. It’s not only harsh on the eyes, but it conveys this sense of an author who has lost contact with the essence of Earthly life in the quest for knowledge that is the seeker’s path.

They also delve into all manner of (unnecessary, in my opinion) esoteric areas, aliens and serpents and planetary light gates. Little of which helps you in your daily life and which strikes me as just replacing one complicated belief system (we are physical and nothing else) with another (we were grown by aliens, or there are serpents out to feed on us and there is a magical date on which the world will “ascend” – placeholder link to Ascension is a Lie). This smacks of the author’s own nightmares being made flesh, rather than truth.

I don’t see myself as original, nor an innovator. It’s not my job to create what already exists, it’s my job to purify it; to make sacred what is now profane. I’m not planning to trademark this stuff, or make a website with my name in it in some vain attempt to connect myself to what is sacred knowledge. This is a pitfall I will educate you about, those who have taken this knowledge, assumed in their arrogance that it is somehow theirs and attempt to sell it to you (for example, The Secret). In reality, it’s a part of you.

The goal is simple.

I want to help you remember who you are.

Note: I originally intended to write this site as a sort of pre-post awakening manual, but have since decided to adopt a different method of writing articles in collections with a framing device.




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