We’ve Forgotten What it Means to be Human

We live in a world full of illusion and fear, a world where everything is backwards. It’s a world where the truth of a thing is known only by it’s opposite, where world leaders pray for peace, but conduct secret wars, where politicians are supposed to allow the people a voice, but instead take it from them. Where criminals are the ones who are supposed to be punished, not victims. Where surveillance isn’t used to ‘protect’ us, but rather to ensure our complicity in our own enslavement. It’s a world in total crisis, a world full of hypocrisy, utterly bereft of humanity.

This time was ‘predicted’ by various religions. Noted by Nostradamus and other prophetic ‘seers’ as the end times, when God would return and judge everyone. Well, ‘God’ is returning, but it’s not to judge us.

I think we do a good (or bad) enough job of that ourselves.

So What Happened?

It’s difficult to pin it down to any one thing (but I’ll try to pinpoint a few in the next post). Rather, I see this as a necessary step in our evolution as a species. The wars and the endless suffering are our growing pains as we struggle towards peace and acceptance. This world bears scars far deeper than is apparent and the state of the world is a reflection of that, a reflection of the way we think about ourselves and each other, of the greed and the injustice and the misery we put each other through.

There’s a reason Earth isn’t a happy place for most of us, why wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of a few and it’s the same reason why in the dead of night, most people feel truly alone, unloved and without value as a person. Why they fill the days with noise and branded clothing and anything else advertisers tell them will help them fill that void in their life and make them feel human (or at least alive).

It’s that essence. The core of what we’ve lost. You can dress it up as ’empathy’ or “togetherness” or anything you like, but when you look at the root of the problem, it’s simple.

We’ve completely lost our humanity.

But I’m not writing this to make you feel guilty. there are enough people and enough sites that proclaim doom and gloom.

Me? I’m a realist, perhaps even optimistic about the future.

You see, to me, this is just an adventure. It’s the chapter in the book where the hero realises her (or his) folly and makes a choice. That choice then reflects later in the book at a pivotal moment. Or perhaps this is it.

That’s where we’re at now. The crossroads of human destiny and there are very good signs on the horizon.

The Now and the Future

At this time, there are unprecedented levels of social activism alive on the planet. People have access to the most sophisticated and extensive library and public forum (the Internet) we’ve ever had. Never before have so many people cared about something, or someone. People are standing up and giving voice to their complaints over ‘intellectual property’ rights, the way we treat the environment, prisoners of war, people trafficking, the illegalisation of non-harmful drugs and anything else that doesn’t ring true for them as human beings.

Now, people are fighting to reclaim what they’ve lost. They are banding together, forming co-ops and partnerships. Some are giving their services away for free, as shown by an increase in volunteers, and still others are beginning to ask hard questions of themselves.  Necessary questions. What is important to me? Is it money and power? Is it what society thinks I should or shouldn’t do? Or is it something else?

For those who are at this stage, or past it, this website is for you. My heart goes out to each of you, because I’ve been there. I’ve searched, I know the exquisite pain that comes from being a seeker and learning about all the ways we have been systematically lied to about who – and what – we are. And I came out the other side, completely naked in my awareness.

You can too.

But you can’t do it by neglecting what happened or your complicity in it. The only way out is through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole, out of the matrix.

The first step to doing that, lies in understanding the nature of your slavery. Until next time.




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