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The Nature of Our Slavery, Part 1


It conjures to mind a raft of horrible images, from oppression of native peoples to the metallic clinking of manacles. The very idea that you would be forced to obey another person in the modern age seems ludicrous, just stories from ancient times, right?

We live in a world of high tech slavery, where cameras track our every move and secret legislation gives legal authorisation for authorities to spy on us (and even detain us) without our permission. Where legal tender (money) is based entirely on indebtedness, money created with a few keystrokes that has no intrinsic value.

Everywhere we go, we are watched, tracked and controlled. By ourselves, our peers and society. Our individuality means nothing, only our value to the collective.

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Why Memories from home?

I’ll approach this from two angles, firstly talking about why I named it that, because that’s important to understanding what I’m trying to achieve and also explain what happened to you.¬†Secondly, I’ll talk about how this site will differ from the numerous sites that already exist.

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We’ve Forgotten What it Means to be Human

We live in a world full of illusion and fear, a world where everything is backwards. It’s a world where the truth of a thing is known only by it’s opposite, where world leaders pray for peace, but conduct secret wars, where politicians are supposed to allow the people a voice, but instead take it from them. Where criminals are the ones who are supposed to be punished, not victims.¬†Where surveillance isn’t used to ‘protect’ us, but rather to ensure our complicity in our own enslavement. It’s a world in total crisis, a world full of hypocrisy, utterly bereft of humanity.

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