A Brief History of Spirituality



Once, long ago, ‘spirituality’ or knowledge of life was common place. Humans lived in peace with their environment and each other. This doesn’t mean that society was anymore of a utopia than it is now, it just means that they had different priorities in life. Where modern society is almost wholly concerned with materialism, they were concerned with immaterialism. The truth is that you need both. Balance in all things.

At some point there was a split and human kind turned away from God, or Spirit, or Source, Tao, whatever you want to call it (note that God is all sexes and none, so an asexual pronoun is the best way to refer to it). What happened is debatable, but it seems that we felt ourselves above God and broke away from it.

Humankind turned away from “God” and in our pride, we lost our way, suffering a great fall, the result being that knowledge of life became secret and coveted, hidden behind layers of symbolism and allegory, like the Fall of Atlantis, the mythical flame of Prometheus (the “fire” of knowledge, fire being a symbol of life), the teachings of various religions and so on. These days the wisdom is lumped together as “spirituality” and has an almost mythical aura, because it is concealed from the masses of humanity by those who understand it’s power. As more and more people wake up, the “life knowledge” will once more become common place as we return to where we once were. Oneness.

Let me just say unequivocally, right now that “God” doesn’t punish anyone. God doesn’t care what you do because it loves you. Anything you do is in the spirit of the divine and God is an expression of unconditional love, that is, allowing you to be without interference or judgement.  I’ll elaborate on that later.

The wisdom was hidden for a couple of reasons, firstly it was deemed that the ‘common man’ wasn’t ready for such knowledge (loss of unconditional love for each other) – note that this is where the notion of Illuminatus or the “Illuminated Ones” comes from – and secondly, because it makes controlling people easier, which was the hidden aim of many religions at the time and still today. This is also why each major religion claims to know the truth. In a very real sense, it does, but it only knows part of the truth. Much like a puzzle, a single piece doesn’t give you the whole picture.

As we fell and became divided, so too did our self expression and we drifted further away from who we were. This also gave rise to the Divine Right of Kings, the notion that some people have special blood that means they are chosen or favoured by God and therefore higher than the common man.

These days there are many mystics and yogis and “masters”, all of whom claim to know the truth. Let me also state, right now, unequivocally, there is no ultimate truthNone. Zero. There is only your truth and whatever that means to you. Science posits the notion that there is an objective truth, a “theory of everything”. Various scientists, including Einstein, have searched for it and failed for one simple reason. It doesn’t exist.

The best you can do is simply observe the organizing principles or “rules” of the universe and apply those in your daily life. These rules constitute an embodied form of the original life knowledge and can be used by anyone and more importantly, should be used by anyone.




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