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A Brief History of Spirituality



Once, long ago, ‘spirituality’ or knowledge of life was common place. Humans lived in peace with their environment and each other. This doesn’t mean that society was anymore of a utopia than it is now, it just means that they had different priorities in life. Where modern society is almost wholly concerned with materialism, they were concerned with immaterialism. The truth is that you need both. Balance in all things.

At some point there was a split and human kind turned away from God, or Spirit, or Source, Tao, whatever you want to call it (note that God is all sexes and none, so an asexual pronoun is the best way to refer to it). What happened is debatable, but it seems that we felt ourselves above God and broke away from it.

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What This Website is and Isn’t About


Let’s talk about what this website is and isn’t about.

It’s about:

  • Enriching and nourishing your life, and whatever constitutes your definition of spirituality, with every post
  • Providing a fresh (structural/narrative) perspective on life and spirituality
  • Exploring what it means to be conscious, providing first hand accounts of what life is like and how it changes
  • Helping you find the path that resonates most with you as a person, while promoting acceptance of other paths
  • Stripping the layers of muck and hyperbole that surround life and spirituality, in particular the new-age


  • Attempting to prove that spirituality is somehow superior to life and that if you don’t practice you’re “not spiritual”
  • That any one method or Path is better than any other (in fact, I use a tool that is a “Path of Paths” I call Modelling).
  • Adding more unnecessary junk and jargon to what should be a pleasant, abundant experience
  • Aliens or light portals or anything similar

In the words of Morpheus, all I offer is the truth, nothing more, and it’s not even the truth, because as you’ll come to realise there is no such thing as objective reality.

There is only your reality.

Took the plunge…

Swimmer Diving in Pool

I finally did it! After years of having ideas swimming around in my head and aborted attempts at writing the predecessors to this page, I woke up at about 5am here in lovely Thailand and said to myself “I’m just going to do it.”

And I did.

And I feel strangely ill.

You see for me, all of this online connectedness and linkedin, facebook, twitter etc was always something for someone else, not me. It was like a club that had a sign on the door saying “You can not enter unless you are this ‘normal'”. That’s been one of my key experiences in this life and writing this website is helping me break that.

Really though, writing online or not, is something we can all share in. The power of the written word is like magic, all you have to do is open your mouth (or in this case, tap a few keys) and out it comes.  It belongs to everyone.